39 thoughts on “In grey

  1. I am really trying to work out why I like this so much. That’s intended as pure compliment btw … it is a great fusion of picture and verse. Usually I find a phrase that unlocks it for me, but here I can’t.

    It really does read and work well for me. Thank you x

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  2. This is the terrible power of being aware of the entirety of mortality so sterilized, yet the infinity of ones own soul.. clawing at the waking mind, dragging it itself to the surface, to remind both, I am you, and we are both infinity, that this binary simulacrum has no place with us.. though must linger in it for so very long.


      1. You invoked such a response, by the manner of being which you both reflected and then recorded your own poem, which compelled me so. In this I would simply say the circle is complete.

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      2. Please ….. it is precisely the inverse I have no intention to draw away from the courage and strength of your Piece. On my part it was nothing more than noblesse oblige… absent the nobility on my part.

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  3. I’d be careful writing poems like that might you get you identified as an enemy of the state, not that these types of things are being noticed and tracked by the Great Google.

    Lovely poem. I recently finished a dystopian jag, reading four or five novels in a row in an odd effort to cheer myself up by envisioning existences that made mine seem better by comparison. (I’m over that now.)

    Thanks for the brief, evocative conjuring of a possible ghost of Christmas future.


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  4. As a Veteran I can relate to the concept of a grey scale. For me that spoke of the putting off my reactions and emotions when distressing things occured, kind of like a mute button. There are two specific memories I’m thinking of. When I look back I can see them in defined detail but it is like watching a black and white film; no vibrancy of emotions or thoughts one way or the other. Those things happened, I was there, but I wasn’t. They were awful but I felt nothing and I knew it. I thought to myself, “I ought to be horrified…”

    Greyscale view


      1. Military overseas is another world. I imagine that being stationed in country is more like a job. I don’t miss it. There’s a camaraderie though that continues when talking with other Vets.

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      2. I can’t tell you how many ways I detest the glorification of the military. I am not alone in this. There are many veterans who agree with me. Diplomacy should be first, always.

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