The tyranny of fear

The face of fear has no expression.

Heaving dreams are hard to realize in a world where being a pacifist is akin to being a “radical idealist”. I remember when my father called me that. In this entire political rhetoric of normalization of war, it’s the opposition that is demonized. It’s a tragedy to be 20 and deprived of the privilege of being naïve. Never mind the fact that he owns more than the rest of the country put together. Never mind his disregard for the value of human life. Never mind the heaving dreams he stepped on with a smirk in his head. Never mind his rage, his tyranny, his plutocracy, his fast flying drones. Never mind.

Growing up to the politics of war hasn’t been easy, but watching a hateful, angry plutocrat get elected as one of the most influential men in the world has shaken me. Not too long ago, I wished to study abroad, in now snuffed out fantasies of beautiful hippie counter-establishment Berkeley streets, and suddenly have a longing for India, while I’m in India.

Fear is as infectious as hope.war

I’m waiting for 2020 when they find another black president on whom to blame the inevitable depression .As a progressive who has looked up to USA for their legacy of counter cultural movements, watching Trump get elected has been a tragedy.

How do nearly 50% of the people associate with that? How do they associate with a man who is so rich he’s in less than the top one percent bracket? How do they see him as a man of the people. I wonder if Make America great again is just a cushioned euphemism for make America white again.

Well, there are scarier things in life.


34 thoughts on “The tyranny of fear

  1. I am not among those who recognize his authority. It is difficult to do so. He lacks the capacity to do the job he was elected to do, therefore I find that I am more worthy than he, or any of his officials, to care for my life. There are many who feel this way, and they rise.

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  2. “It’s a tragedy to be 20 and deprived of the privilege of being naïve.” Great insight. And yes to the counter culture. Remember the “hippies” who opposed the Vietnam War? They were right. We counter culturists will prevail as well. I just hope there’s enough world left to save.

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  3. I hold to my opinion that the reason he got elected wasn’t because people liked him but because they hated Hilary more. If it had been anyone else running, I highly doubt he would have been elected. I loved Obama. Overtime I go to the VA, and that’s quite often, I see a giant picture of the president. It was great for 8 years. Now… I just look at the door across the hall but it’s hard to not see it.

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  4. Perhaps it’s their last song
    Apparently Obama moved too fast
    Although I, personally, thought it was slow motion
    Anyway I don’t believe that xenophobia has a future

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      1. I was really upset in October, but now it looks like Trump cannot accomplish much. On the other hand, his appearance on the scene has clearly demonstrated that people are eager to protest. I remember participating in an antiwar demonstration here in Colorado in 2003. We were only about 150 people, and the passersby shouted at us something like: “Why don’t you leave the country if you are against it?” – and this happened in a democratic county! But it’s not like that now.

        What still troubles me is that this conservative trend seems to be international, and some countries, especially Russia, went far beyond what might be called at least somehow understandable. And here, frankly, I am not optimistic.


      1. I’m sorry, do you know anything about trump? do you know what his policies on immigration are? Do you know how his policies will affect the world? this is such a joke. I will never understand how someone is so ideologically driven he can’t see the truth. Trump has already started dismantling the judiciary. Nothing Modi did compares go that.

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      2. Yes. I agree. Because in his case it compounds due to his madness. And no, I am not a Modi person. But the things that Trump has done are too much. Modi is not a prize. i agree


  5. Perhaps you are placing to much importance on the position of president, this once great nation is slowly degrading to that which we use to find despicable and you can’t blame that on one person.

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    1. he isn’t the cause, he is a symptom of something we feared was happening.
      and i don’t know about “once great”. the nation has only progressed in the things that should’ve made it great before. I am a history student. There is nothing great about any nation’s history


  6. good golly…a kindred soul. I l;ove it… thanks for following….. you were my number 777 follower…..that has to be note-worthy. I am now following you…..see you over there. 🙂 In fact I would like to re-blog this post on my own site, if its ok with you

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      1. I will hop over there shortly…my site is a combination of poems and flower photos, history and politics. I like to re-blog others’ because of the variety that brings. .


  7. Reblogged this on SOMETIMES and commented:
    Here is a new-to-me site I found yesterday. I really like the site, theme and layout, and especially the content. This article on the inconsistencies and idiocracies of politics and the “will of people.” I really relate to what the author says., and the way in which she writes. I have written elsewhere about my personal experience with fear and sanitation of war back in the 1940s when young children knew all about the chances of surviving a nuclear blast.


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