Do you think

If you feel a little more

You could write on a whiter screen

Take a pen stab a knife

Paint with the colours from the scars

Take a pen tainted

Tainted with a new vision

I wanted love-

You gave me heart


Fools love fools love fools


Is round

Said he               he said

A new vision             a new step

Be careful

That’s a misstep

A single life           a single breath

Us together

Two voices         and one coffin

Put your hands in the air

The nurses are calling        funny places      funny places

And beautiful voices

Its time honey

Time is a factor a voice an accelerator a multiplier

Its time


15 thoughts on “Stab

  1. The voices, two voices
    One distant, the other close to the sun
    Both are different yet both speak as one.
    One says stay in the darkness, it won’t hurt that way, the trembling in the voice tells me that pain isn’t far away.
    The other sings the same in a different way, mocks my senses, tells me I won’t be swayed.
    The blood paints my canvas, but it isn’t red anymore.
    My blood is black as tar and I know the moonlight can’t save me anymore.
    I can’t hear the music that calms other people anymore,
    I know the frequency of my radio is out of sync forever more.

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