Support my art by buying my book

Hey again,

I am Arushi, a poet from India. You can get my newest poetry collection on Amazon for free. You can even support my art by buying the book (if you like my poetry) in paperback or for Kindle. Please support my art by reading and reviewing it. i feel your feedback will help me grow as a poet. here is the link to it-

Thank you


11 thoughts on “Support my art by buying my book

  1. I️ just read your book on Amazon and your words transported me to a world that hurt my heart and touched my soul. Don’t stop pouring your heart onto the page until your world knows peace. Love, light and all the best to you!

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  2. I started reading your poems. I have to tell you, I’m an old school poet; I love rhyme, rythm and symmetry. Your poems took me by surprise but I couldn’t help but to smile at your poem about not rhyming. It was like an answer to my thoughts. So far I like the topics you’ve used and as soon as I finish it I’ll leave a proper review on Amazon. It brings me joy to see people publishing poetry. Best wishes!

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